This is my ugly bathroom vanity.  I'm pretty sure that this medicine cabinet is from the 70's:


While on vacation earlier this summer, I stayed at a hotel that had a mirror with a cool border in their bathroom... I thought, "I wonder how hard it would be to do that in my bathroom" ?

Other than that medicine cabinet being kinda heavy, I only had to take out 4 screws to be able to remove it.  Pretty easy.  

Then I found an awesome mirror that fit my space at Hobby Lobby (for 50% off of course) - and simply mounted it in place of the old cabinet:

Incredible difference, and the mirror was only $20!  But that light is still not the best, so I had to fix that too.  

The light was more expensive ($50), but talk about a world of change for under $100!

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There are things that I am not good at putting together, namely things from Ikea, and things that are lego.  So when my son got a spaceship lego kit for Christmas, I tried to put off making it for as long as possible.  But tonight was the night of reckoning (after hearing my son ask me enough times where I finally gave in), and I pulled the lego box out to finally put together.

What the spaceship was supposed to look like
 At one point, my son did take one of the bags of pieces out of the box and we lost it.  So I already know this is going to be even more difficult than it needs to be.

As we are trying to follow the directions, and finding replacement pieces in his huge box of legos, my son finally looks at me and says something that I hadn't even considered as we did this.  Something that was so freeing, so simple.  He said:
"It's okay if it isn't perfect, daddy."
it was at that point that I stopped trying to do every little part according to the instructions, and we started having fun!  We added extra wings, more people, bigger windows, and made the coolest spaceship ever.

NASA has nothing on this beast
I realized that I was so concerned that the ship was perfect, that I forgot why we were doing it in the first place.  My son wanted to play legos with me.  He didn't care about decals on the side of the ship or that the nose cone wasn't the right shape.  He just wanted my time, perfect or not.

Not quite the same ship
Oh, and when I put together IKEA furniture, it does end up looking much more like the picture on the box.
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