What if you started the next 30 days with those three words?  No agendas, no plans other than waiting on God with eager anticipation on what is about to happen next? 

Here are some real stories from House FM listeners about how God surprised them:

My family and I have been living in a motel for the last month, because we could not afford the rent on our house, so they gave us so many days to get out. That was fine with us. So somebody told us about a motel renting out rooms by the month and jumped on it. One day I was driving home from work and heard about the Surprise Me God and started praying for a good place to live. I got a call from my husband about one week after I prayed and had a chance to move into a house for $200.00 cheaper than the motel. So we prayed and talked to the people about the house and we are moving in a couple of weeks to a month. God is good to us and we love him very much. Amen - Brenda in Perry

Last week our dog, which recently had pups, dug out under our fence and ran away. After putting up fliers, an ad in the paper and numerous trips around the surrounding neighborhoods my wife and I were about to give up hope. Last night after looking one last time for her, I prayed those 3 simple words. This morning my wife went to let the puppies out and she greeted on the back porch by our missing dog.

I have been surprised today when I found $20 on my way home, even better 2 $20 were stuck together! thank you jesus! - Vivian in Stillwater

I have a Surprise Me God moment that just happened to me a moment ago! I've been catching up with my friend that I moved away from 5 years ago and I was going through some old things in my room and found a little story I wrote about us, pictures included, spending a day together when we were around 8 or so . I just felt like that was God telling me, "I love you and want you to smile." :) Thank you for getting me started on this! I will do it forever. :) - Audrey in Ponca City

I heard about surprise me God the day that my purse was stolen and I lost $140, so I told God sure I have nothing on me I can't even drive legally so surprise me God. Honestly I wanted him to give me my purse back but he had other plans. This past Monday the college I was planning on attending told me that they had a scholarship for me and it was worth $12,000!! That was a even better surprise then I expected thanks for guiding me to pray surprise me God everyday.

My husband & i were struggling financially. I had lost my job & we got behind on alot of things. 1 of which was daycare for our son. Thankfully the lady, who watches our son keep watching him. We were $1500 behind on her, monday we got a check in the mail for $2800, mistake found on taxes! My husband & i had started the surprise me god challange seperatley & neither 1 of us knew that the other was doing it. Thank you for jesus for surprisng us!! - Alicia in OKC

I've been praying "Surprise Me God" for a few days now. Your station helps me remember that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. God bless you. - Ruth, Mexico