I don't think this will help kill a virus
There's this computer virus that has been infecting computers since 2007, so there is a good chance you have it.

It messes with your internet settings, and will make it so your computer won't be able to use the internet starting on July 9th.

It's pretty easy to see if you have it and how to fix it, just follow these 2 steps:

  1. Go to this website.  If it is green, you are good to go!  If it isn't, then go to step 2-
  2. Download this file and run it.  That should get rid of the virus.
And to make sure this doesn't happen again, download some awesome and free anti-virus software here.
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So, I've been gone the last week, but I promise, I had a good excuse -  There is a new addition to our family!

He was born on May 7th at 7:11 AM at 8 Pounds, 9.7 Ounces.  (on a side note, the original frequency of The House FM was 89.7,  future radio DJ maybe?)

Then we had to do the fancy instagram picture for everyone:

I was a little worried on how our 5 year old son, Joash, would do as an older brother.  Here's the video of him meeting Ezra for the first time:

Notice how he slowly backs away from the newborn baby, which I believe is the reaction for any male when it comes to small crying children.

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It's like the other cans know...
As I was looking in the breakroom fridge this morning, I saw a sad sight before my eyes.  A row of ginger ale cans that will never be consumed.  For there is only one acceptable place to drink ginger ale, and that is on an airplane.

I don't know why or how the tradition started, but it is the drink of choice for many.  This article tries to explain it a little bit: http://www.chow.com/food-news/55453/why-do-people-always-order-ginger-ale-when-they-fly/

So, here's the problem.  If ginger ale is only to be consumed thousands of miles above ground, and you can only bring containers with 3 oz of liquid in it or less on an airplane, how do we get these cans of ginger ale to their proper place of consumption?  (other than asking Janelle Keith, Criminal Mastermind to smuggle them in her carry-on)

Until the United Nations can put aside their differences and come up with a compromise to this problem, we have some ginger ale you can come and drink.  It's free to a good home.
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Andy and Jenn hung out with Manafest, talking about his WORLDWIDE tour, his favorite thing about Japan, his new album, Fighter, how a skateboarding injury changed his life, AND a special birthday present for Jenn!  Listen to it by clicking this link:

~House Party interview with Manafest~
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