It's like the other cans know...
As I was looking in the breakroom fridge this morning, I saw a sad sight before my eyes.  A row of ginger ale cans that will never be consumed.  For there is only one acceptable place to drink ginger ale, and that is on an airplane.

I don't know why or how the tradition started, but it is the drink of choice for many.  This article tries to explain it a little bit:

So, here's the problem.  If ginger ale is only to be consumed thousands of miles above ground, and you can only bring containers with 3 oz of liquid in it or less on an airplane, how do we get these cans of ginger ale to their proper place of consumption?  (other than asking Janelle Keith, Criminal Mastermind to smuggle them in her carry-on)

Until the United Nations can put aside their differences and come up with a compromise to this problem, we have some ginger ale you can come and drink.  It's free to a good home.


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  1. I don't know how I get dragged into your airport/TSA trouble. I have enough of that on my own account. Thanks but no thanks!