Here's a rap about "problems" we encounter every day, and how silly they seem sometimes.

I noticed that most of our problems come from all the "stuff" we have.  And it's not that we have to feel bad about having it, but it is a good reminder that we are truly blessed... and we have the ability to bless others greatly as well!  Never forget that :)
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The Government has been planning on having "Secret Shoppers" call doctors offices to pose as patients and request appointments to see how difficult it is for people to get care when they need it.  We were wondering how in the world they would do that without giving away the fact that it was from the government, so we filed a "Freedom of Information Act" request, and they sent us these phone recordings of the secret shoppers contacting one particular doctor's office.

Call 1: It sounds like this caller's "ailment" got the best of him
Call 2: Al Gore calls in about his "fever" - and some angry polar bears
Call 3: It looks like they recruited an old-timey gold prospector to call on this one
Call 4: She really doesn't want to give out her name
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Probably a little more than you:

Apparently, Brent feels the same way about listeners to The House FM:

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I LOVE the old testament, especially the stories about the wars and kings.  It plays out like an epic movie in my mind.  One part that I have always loved is Joshua's speech to rally the troops.  It ends with a verse a lot of people know "As for me and my house, I will serve the Lord,"  but the verses leading up to that show the story of God's plan and providence in the lives of the Israelites.

Take a listen below, and as you listen, know that God has a plan for your life to keep you safe from your enemies and be there with you through everyday life as well!

Click to listen: The Word On Wednesday: Joshua 24
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Here's a reminder - calling 911 for non emergency reasons is a misdemeanor, clogs up the line for someone with a real emergency, and could potentially be spread all over the internet for everyone to hear, like this woman:

Here's a transcript that I grabbed from

911: Metro area 911, what's your emergency?

WOMAN: Yeah I need to for to send to [address] this is Hong Kong Chinese restaurant to go. I ordered food, and they gonna give me the wrong food. I bring this inside, they gonna tell me nah ain't me they ain't gonna give my money they gonna have to give me my money uh uhhh I need somebody... [indecipherable]

[Address and contact info given]

911: Alright, I'll send someone to talk to you.

WOMAN: Y'all what, y'all need to stop talking like that because I don't like that [indecipherable] you don't talk like that in front of me because then I'm gonna get angry.

911: I'm going to send someone over there to talk to you.

WOMAN: Alright, thank you.

911: Alright, bye-bye.

WOMAN: Y'all make me angry...
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I got an email yesterday from a listener about looking for Dance Music:
My granddaughter is on a dance team and the dance studio uses some vulgar songs from mainstream radio (even though they are based in a church).  My daughter says the only Christian station they have in the HOUSTON area (if you can believe it) doesn't have a lot of the great stuff you guys play.  So I was giving her some ideas for songs that the dance teams could use. (My daughter took issue with some of the costumes and music this year and there will be much more accountability next year.  ----She's awesome!!!)
There are actually a few different Christian artists that have music that would be great for dance teams.  As a matter of fact, here's a dance group that performed on "America's Got Talent" to a song by Group 1 Crew:

Some other Christian artists to check out for songs that might be good for Dance Teams are:

Beckah Shae
Krystal Meyers
Staci Orrico
Press Play

have any other suggestions?  Let me know in the comments!
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My Son, Joash put a rock in his ear a week ago.  We don't know why and he hasn't really explained it.  But after a week of unfortunate events, the rock is  finally out, and here's the proof:

I hope this stops some other child from sticking something in their ear / nose / throat that doesn't belong there!  I know my son has learned the hard way!
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Here's something to help get you through today...  and maybe make you a little paranoid next time you go to WalMart:

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(This is cross-posted from my missions trip blog,

First, a fundraising update:  I was able to send my first $1200 payment in, and actually was able to send in $135 more than the minimum!  Thanks for your help!  There's still time to give!

But maybe you are a little confused about why you would want to send me to Swaziland.

I had a facebook friend question what good I would do by going to Swaziland, and I wanted to just reply "Well, it's not like I'm gonna throw a bible at them and run away!"  I want to help, and in so many instances, helping meet others' basic needs and letting them know that we are doing it to show them Jesus' love is the most important thing.  It's not that some guy from the USA is going to Swaziland to yell at them street preacher style from a milk crate saying "you need Jeeeeeasus"!

I'm not arrogant in thinking that I am supposed to just show up into these kids' lives and that will fix everything.

That I'm the cure.

Because I'm not.

But I know who is.

So, I'm going to love on those kids in Swaziland.  I hope to play soccer or whatever else they play (I fully expect to lose on this as well).  I hope to get messy and not worry about my clothes or my ego.  I hope that I am ready for them to ultimately teach me.

I'm not going for a vacation.

I'm not going to put another stamp in my passport.

I'm going because I've been asked to go.

(Not just by other people, but by God.)

Next post, I will talk more about what we will be doing in Swaziland, and what Children's Cup (the organization we are partnering up with) does to meet the needs of Children in Swaziland.  If you're ready to help, just click the "donate" button below.

------ Want to help Get Andy To Swazi? Donate now:
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Check out this incredible video of a family that lives in a 320 Square foot home by choice.  My favorite thing they say at the end is "I've stopped thinking about the things I don't have and now focus on the things I do have."

There's definitely something to be said about simplicity, isn't there?
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