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First, a fundraising update:  I was able to send my first $1200 payment in, and actually was able to send in $135 more than the minimum!  Thanks for your help!  There's still time to give!

But maybe you are a little confused about why you would want to send me to Swaziland.

I had a facebook friend question what good I would do by going to Swaziland, and I wanted to just reply "Well, it's not like I'm gonna throw a bible at them and run away!"  I want to help, and in so many instances, helping meet others' basic needs and letting them know that we are doing it to show them Jesus' love is the most important thing.  It's not that some guy from the USA is going to Swaziland to yell at them street preacher style from a milk crate saying "you need Jeeeeeasus"!

I'm not arrogant in thinking that I am supposed to just show up into these kids' lives and that will fix everything.

That I'm the cure.

Because I'm not.

But I know who is.

So, I'm going to love on those kids in Swaziland.  I hope to play soccer or whatever else they play (I fully expect to lose on this as well).  I hope to get messy and not worry about my clothes or my ego.  I hope that I am ready for them to ultimately teach me.

I'm not going for a vacation.

I'm not going to put another stamp in my passport.

I'm going because I've been asked to go.

(Not just by other people, but by God.)

Next post, I will talk more about what we will be doing in Swaziland, and what Children's Cup (the organization we are partnering up with) does to meet the needs of Children in Swaziland.  If you're ready to help, just click the "donate" button below.

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