I say part two because years ago I met him and said the one thing you should never say to an artist (unless you are a relative or work for them)

"Hey, John, Remember me?"

that was followed by his best attempt to guess, which he failed at. Then there was an awkward pause, and I practically ran away.

I see him at his merch table this weekend at Lifelight and I think, "hey I can get a picture with him, and finish this saga!"

so I get my brother to grab my phone and I go up to john reuben. I shake his hand and thank him for being awesome. Then I ask for a picture. I can't describe how awkward it felt, like he remembered that years ago I asked if he remembered me.

Let me know if you feel the awkwardness in the picture below.

Let this go to show you that even though I get to interview artists all the time, I still get freaked out when I actually have to talk to them!