Sometimes I like to get creative with my facial hair, so I did this a few days ago:

Needless to say, every female person I know has not been friendly towards it. My co-host, J-izzle, even went as far as asking me to explain myself on air. Here, ladies and gentlemen, is the official "State of the Mustache" 2010 address:

If you can't see the audio clip, click here to listen.

here is a transcript of the speech:

state of the mustache
united hairs of my face
the state of the mustache is strong
defence has been improved buy the extra pokiness
exports are up, mostly due to the cutting of the chin and cheeks
morale between the hair president and the first lady is down
we may need a hair stimulus
is the mustache too big to fail?
can we cut and start over?
we can and we will grow back stronger and with more colors than ever before!
they may be able to stop follicles but combined we form an unstoppale union: a union of mustaches!