1. After the success of the focus on the family super bowl ad, dobson is going back to college to play football

  2. he was asked to star in the final season of lost... as the island.

  3. He ran out of things to fight against.

  4. He is training to be a cagefighter.

  5. He is releasing a rap album under his alter-ego *J-dizzle*

  6. He is starting his own line of as seen on tv products, starting with the Salvation Snuggie: it's santification with sleeves!

  7. He will be the newest judge on american idol, rating each performance based on its family-frendliness

  8. After successfully cloning mr. whittaker last year, dobson is making whit's end a national fast food chain.

  9. He's switching his focus from the family to focus on fromaldehyde (in 2005, annual world production of formaldehyde was estimated to be 46 billion pounds. Exposure to formaldehyde is dangerous for human health)

  10. He's going to start a dog kennel called "Dobson's Dachshunds"

All definitely rumors! Check out the real information here. And listen this week to The House FM at 5:30 AM or Praise 88.7 at 6 AM, 10 AM, or 6PM to hear Dr. James Dobson's final week of broadcasts.