I don't know if you saw the video that was going around the internet last week (no, not this one) of a kid who was being bullied, and then bodyslammed the bully after he couldn't take it anymore.  He shared his heartbreaking story on Austrailian Television last weekend:

As a kid, I was at the bottom of the school food chain as well, and I remember getting bullied a lot in junior high.  There was this one kid that every day in Gym would punch me for no reason.  After telling him to stop it and him not listening, I even took it up with the Vice Principal, whose advice to me was "punch him back"...

The worst thing is I had a friend in that class that was respected by the bully, and he never said anything to stop him.  I know that bullying would stop in its tracks if when we see someone being hurt we would just take the time to say something and stand up for others.  It's something that we all feel inside, but rarely does it ever come out.

So, next time you see someone being picked on, hurt, or teased, PLEASE speak up!  If you can't intervene, get someone involved who can!  Do something!