So I have been following the Rebecca Black "Friday" song for a few weeks, I think it is fantastic.  If you don't know what that is, here is the original song that rose to internet fame a few weeks ago:

over 95 MILLION people have watched this video.  And now there are some "parodies", like the Christian version, "Sunday"

... Or my personal favorite, the "EPIC MULLET GUY" doing his version:

If you search "Rebecca black parody" on youtube you get 5,220 videos!  All that would not exist if Rebecca didn't take a chance and make a song and video.

For the record, I think it's awesome that she CREATED something, when so many of us just tear down.

It made me think about my life.  Am I a "parody" of someone else, somebody that I see that (I think) is cooler than me?

There are 5,220 parodies of Rebecca's song on YouTube.  There is only 1 original.

Be the unique person that God has created you to be.  You were created for this specific time to do things that only you can do!

Today, be the original, not the parody.