So, there's this bus driver in China who ran a red light and was pulled over by the police.  As the cops were trying to give him a ticket, he tried to hide under the bus.  This is an actual picture of the event :

You Can Run But You Can't Hide...
According to the news report, "Police called out the fire brigade who started to tow away the bus - but the driver crawled along underneath the vehicle."

So, even when he was officially "caught", he kept trying to avoid the inevitable. How often do I do this in my life when faced with the consequences of something I have done?  Why do I run away, or try to hide, or make excuses for what happens when the best thing to do is admit that I made a mistake and move on with my life?  

It's gonna hurt, and there will probably be some sort of punishment.  But it only gets worse and wears heavier on you the longer you try to hide.


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  1. Was he stuck. And what you said is so true. Party on Dude