We are in the middle of pledge drive! WOOO! One thing that we have seen so far is that we need a lot more new givers to make our goal. A LOT more...

Maybe you have been listening for a while, and you've wanted to pledge.

Maybe you just found us.

Maybe you are just afraid to take that next step.

Maybe you don't think that you can afford to pledge.

Whatever the reason that you haven't pledged yet, I want to encourage you to take a step of faith today.

Faith is the belief in things unseen.

That means, when we take a "step" of faith (or leap, as it usually feels like) we don't know what the future holds.

But we do know who holds the future.

Last year, I stepped out into faith, committing to a Mission Trip to Swaziland, Africa. I had 10 days to raise $1000.

There was NO WAY I could raise that myself, so I told God, "I know you want me to go, but you've gotta help provide. I'll do the asking, but you've gotta make the money come."

I raised the first $1000 in mere days.

Then another $1000 came in.

$20 here and $10 there, and all of a sudden, God had supplied $3000 for my trip! I was fully funded!

Another thing I learned about Faith, is that God will take us to a place where we can't do it on our own, so that when he shows up in the most incredible ways, that there is no other reasoning other than God being in control. He works miracles that bring glory to himself!

So if you feel like you need to give, but you don't know how it will happen, take that leap of Faith today.

Trust that where you end, God begins.

Trust that God will supply your needs.

Trust that the Lord is your Shepherd, that you will not be in want.

Trust that God's plan for you is perfect, even when you don't understand

Trust that God isn't going to drop you off on the side of the road of your life. He's gonna bring you through

Have faith, pledge your heart, then TRUST!

You can make your pledge here: http://www.klvv.com/share2012/pledgeMenu.aspx