(This is part 10 in a 11 part series of things that Andy learned in college - sometimes the hard way - so hopefully you don't have to)

One of the last great mysteries in the world is those people that you will be thrown together with when you are in college.  The good news is, for the most part, you will love your roommates.  But know this:  There will be one that DRIVES YOU NUTS.

Even if you know all of your roommates before hand, you probably have never lived with them.  And they will be either too clean or too messy, too loud or too anti-social, their food will smell (or their clothes), they will mooch too much off of you, they will never go to sleep when you want to go to sleep, and they will generally do everything that you can't stand.

God will teach you patience if you are willing to learn in these situations, and there's not much advice I can give other than don't let your heart become hard towards them.  I let that slip in with one of my roommates and it wasn't a good thing.  Even when he was being nice, I would resent him because of my heart towards him.

Also, make sure that you are not the "Bad" roommate.  Remember, your mom isn't around, so all those things she used to do for you are now in the realm of your responsibility.  Make sure to wash the dishes, make your bed, and pick up after yourself and you'll be better than 75% of the roommates you will live with in college.