Have you ever found yourself asking that question? Or my wife when I show her something absolutely random - her first question is:

How did you find that website?

Usually I have no idea how, it just happens. Through the magic of the internets and googles. But I wanted to reconstruct how I came up with this awesome combination of james bond and rick astley:

Step 1 - The Idea

Last night, I told my wife I had figured out what my halloween costume would be - Rick Astley with outfit from this famous music video. Including 80's boombox with "never gonna give you up" blasting from it!

Step 2 - The google quest

I went to the old stand by, google, to help with finding how to do a good rickroll costume- I googled "rick astley halloween costume"

The first result was a site which somebody thought would be useful to someone. http://www.costumzee.com/tag/rick+astley/

that was not useful...

farther down the google searches, I found - http://superpunch.blogspot.com/2008/08/desktop-wallpaper-rick-astley-is-james.html

Where that awesome image from above came from.

That still didn't help me, so I ended up using google images and found this picture:


80's striped polo with blazer and khakis? that is all thrift stores have, right?! I'll come back with a full report about what I find today, including total cost for outfit - later this week.

I'm going in style to The Festival of Light in Enid!