On the house party last night, we talked about awesome car names. Dale and I found that most people calling talked about their first car - there were some awesome names, including the winner, who named his car "rudy" based on the awesomely 90's movie.

one thing I noticed is that most people's first car was:

a Chevy Cavalier!

Tonight we are giving away some more "rock what ya got" tickets and I will take your requests starting at 8!



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  1. JEALSTI says:

    1984 Buick LeSabre, Maroon. I bought her for $500.00, in 1993.

    Named her "Bertha", she was big, she was beautiful, she was ALL mine.

    She was the ultimate party boat, and drove many college friends and I from North Central University around for meals, concerts, dates with my girl (who's now my wife!)and delivered a LOT of pizza, in Minneapolis, until she breathed her last, and wouldn't run anymore!

    Jeff S.
    Sioux Falls, SD