...And then there were four!

I have one pick in still, that's the Foreman Grill. That thing got me through college. I had a purple one and continued to use it even when it was mostly broken and the top and bottom was only being held together by the power cord. My wife finally made me throw it away one day.

J-izzle is down to the Shamwow, which I'm afraid will probably win. It seems like the old classics may be defeated by the shiny newcomers.

Vote this weekend for the final four here.

and we will of course cover the results on the house party monday night. BE THERE!


2 Responses so far.

  1. J-Izzle says:

    I've got Shamwow AND Bowflex! woo-hoo!

  2. J-Izzle says:

    oh, no...we're down to Shamwow and George Foreman...to the death, I say!