This blog is deteriorating quickly into a meat only blog. My apologies to any vegetarians reading (including new vegetarians that vowed to never eat meat again after seeing the meat ship a few posts below).

But now you can add bacon to any of your favorite websites, including the house fm!

Click here to see the bacon-infused house fm site!

and if you would like to add bacon to another website, simply copy and paste this:

then type the website at the end of that link.


3 Responses so far.

  1. UnFrSaKn says:

    Ughh...I should have thought of that last year when I first heard of this site...I'm a failure.

  2. J-Izzle says:

    wow. That's original.

  3. idahokat says:

    Just looking at this post alone has caused my arteries to clog. Bacon, yummmmmm