So I found this awesome Teen Devotional from the 80’s, which has quite possibly the best title of ALL TIME:


Anybody Can Be Cool  … But Awesome Takes Practice!


awesome takes practice

The Blonde guy in the book picture could quite possibly be a younger brent mccoy:  compare and be amazed:


mccoy2 = brent orange ?

or maybe the guy on the book looks more like Zak from Saved By The Bell:


mccoy2= zak sbtb ?

We report, You decide.


Here’s a link to the book on – with funny book reviews as well!


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  1. LeeAnn says:
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  2. Sheryl says:

    ...or maybe Brent was Zak from Saved by the Bell when he was younger !!! Hmmm...

  3. UnFrSaKn says:

    Brent doing a "how-to-be-cool" book? Yer a funny man.

  4. Brent has always wanted to be on Saved By the Bell. There have been many sad, failed attempts. He doesn't know anything about how to be cool or awesome though...