This revelation came to me a few days ago... That there are two kinds of music listeners in the world. "Single" listeners and "Album" listeners

I have to say that I am an "Album" guy. I like listening to a CD in its entirety because I know that is the way the artist intends it. They have placed each song in a particular order for a reason, and I enjoy being along for the ride as the album progresses. Consider it like a movie almost. You would rarely just watch one scene.... you've gotta take it all in.

My wife, however, is the opposite. She loves a hodge-podge of songs from all kinds of artists and just puts her zune on shuffle and has no problem. Me on the other hand, when I try to use "shuffle", I end up skipping past every song because I don't feel in the mood for it. It's a surprise I can handle listening to the radio, you may wonder, but once again radio is like an experience, adeptly programmed (hopefully!) to ebb and flow and you never really know what song may be next.

Do you enjoy a full album like a good movie, or do you let your iPod shuffle when you listen?