I read a story today about the "worst tennis player in the world" - Robert Dee. When I first read this I thought that this guy was a loser, but I read this from the article:

He had been blown out in Iran, pounded in Venezuela, humiliated in Mexico, Sudan, Senegal, Rwanda. It was 0-108 in sets, too. If at first you don't succeed, fail, fail again.

Dee had tied the record of Diego Beltranena of Guatemala, having lost 54 consecutive matches on the international pro tennis circuit. In 2008, Dee got his first career victory at that level.

He may lose a lot more than he ever wins, but if you think about it, he wouldn't have a chance to lose if he never tried.

So whatever you have always wanted to do, DO IT! Don't be afraid to be called the worst _______ in the world! Fail Gloriously!