So, Andy is gone for a week with Janelle to the Dominican Republic on a mission trip with Mission of Mercy...I'm so excited to hear the stories when they get back about how God used them in the precious children's lives. I can't stress how AWESOME I think it is that they had the opportunity to take the amazing story of Christ to the DR. I know they were both excited and nervous when they left. You can check out to see updates and video of their adventures! I'm sure they would appreciate your prayers as well.

While they are gone, we are doing a child sponsorship drive with Mission of Mercy & our goal is 100 kids sponsored. Pray about it, see what God would have you do and then take action! Help us reach the goal and change these children's lives - Click here to see more info on sponsoring children.

As for here at the's quiet. Plugging along, working, blowing through the work hours with all the silence. It's good but makes me sad...please come back soon, Andy & Janelle!