There are only a few times in my life where I have had absolutely no idea what to expect. Going to college, getting married, moving to Oklahoma for a job... everything else I can picture how it will work in my head.

For example, I know when I get home tonight, I will walk in the door, open the fridge, grab a hot dog, put it on a plate, place the plate in the microwave, set the microwave for one minute and hit start, take the hot dog out and put it in a bun, add mustard and ketchup, and finally enjoy the hot dog.

I can mentally picture this series of events and know of the outcome, tasty meat-like flavors satisfying my appetite.

With that said, I am really nervous about going to the Dominican Republic in a week, because I can't imagine what it will be like. I can't mentally walk through what landing in another country for the first time will be like and what I will see when I step out of the airport. I can't emotionally prepare for the Children we are going to try to reach who dig through the city dump all day for a living. I can't spiritally fathom what God might to to my life.

I usually don't worry, but I am worrying now. not because I am afraid of something bad happening, but that God is going to turn my world upside down and after many years of being a so-so Christian light something inside me that changes everything.

So if you happen to be eating a hot dog anytime in the next week I hope that you would take a moment to pray for me and the entire Missions Trip Team as we step out into the unknown and have faith that God's hand and guidance will lead.