Shaun had some Life Savers today & just could't get over how wonderful they were! We talked about this on the House Party today and got a ton of calls!

I like Tootsie Rolls...the original! but Shaun argues that vanilla tootsie rolls are waaaaaay better.

This is one of my favs...even though I can't ever pronounce it correctly :) We used to get them at every truck stop on road trips! CHICK-O STICKS!!

Never had this one but I've heard it's good.

I'd never even heard of Tangy Taffy!

and I always thought these were chalky...maybe that's just my opinion.

Oh, and Wax Bottles!! What was in those? Ignition fluid?

Circus peanuts? I always thought those were GROSS!

Rock Candy...I never tried one, in fear that I would cut my tongue.

How about Jolly Ranchers Sticks?

What are some of your favorite underrated candies?


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  1. Angela says:

    Oh my word! Tangy Taffy was my FAVORITE! Many fond memories - sadly they either stopped making it or it is only sold in super secret candy boutiques which I have yet to find. And Spree are my husband's absolute favorite - apparently we, as appreciators of the under-appreciated are of a rare breed.