It all started out as a leisurely trip on a Sunday afternoon to Pawnee Bill's Ranch (pictured on left), and ended with a near-death experience shortly thereafter.

On our way back home, we were driving on a two-lane highway, I was eating (do we call it eating or drinking?) a Sonic orange slush, and I had looked down for a moment to make sure I wasn't going to spill orange on my awesome shirt, as I looked back on the road, I see a truck, in my lane, coming right at me at 65 MPH!  In a split second, the truck swerves to my right into the right shoulder and passes me on the right, while the vehicle that they were trying to pass went on my left.  My wife, who was trying to take a nap, sits up and says "We almost died there."  I agreed, figuring any head on collision at 65 MPH with a big truck would probably not end in living.

A Reenactment of my near-death experience.
I made the comment that "God must not be finished with us yet."

Have you ever thought that when God saved you from a near-death experience?  It really makes you think about who is in control of our lives.

Are our lives a series of random events, that sometimes work out in our way and sometimes do not?

OR is there a creator that has a plan for your life, a plan for you to do great things and guide your every step according to his perfect ways?

I was shown that personally on Sunday, as I am writing this on a Tuesday.  Still alive and breathing, and continuing to follow the path that God has laid out for me.


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  1. I completely believe that! When I look back on my life I see that God has saved me so many times, in big ways and in little ways. Thats why I try to use my life everyday...I figure God must have saved me such a time as this this moment...well maybe this one,and this one!haha...For me God is in every minute of every day...propelling me forward to keep time with His heartbeat as I give Grace to those around me!I mean I had His Grace before I ever deserved it...therefore I ache to tell the world that He can reach into their destiny and change their life as well.
    So glad He intervened for you and your wife...I know I'm not finished with knowing you two yet!