Whether you got an iPod, Zune, Sansa, or whatever, here is a big list of mp3's to download for free-

Compassionart (6 songs)
A Very Indie Christmas Vol. 1 (53 songs)
Christmas Music @ amazonmp3.com (22 songs)

Freeccm.com (3 songs)
Independent Christian Electronica - click on comps to see freebies (21 songs)
hearitfirst.com (25 songs)
Gotee Records (8 songs)
Jonathan Seingard - Guitarist for Hawk Nelson (3 songs)
Andy Hunter (6 Songs)
beehave.fr (63 songs)

I got most of these links from The Free Christian Music Blog 

Hopefully that gets you started with your new "Ithing" !  Merry Christmas!