So there is this product I saw earlier this year that I first laughed at and thought: why would anyone want this?

It was the "Slanket"

Then... about a week ago, I thought... wow it is cold! I want one, and I want to get one for my college age brother! What a great gift right?

Well now they are out of stock at their website!

When I mentioned this on the house fm, I got lots of helpful calls from people who said they knew where to get them. apparently, there are already a lot of imitation slankets, including the one I may have to go with : the "snuggie"

note that one of the uses is "cuddle" and for whatever reason, the baby is not the one in the slanket, um I mean, "snuggie"? I may not have a choice but to buy the cheap rip-off. If you find a real slanket lying around on the interwebs, please let me know!