IF you have a computer that is any of the following:

  1. Has a virus and is super slow
  2. is old and super slow
  3. is super slow for no reason


then I have good news for you!  Check out the link below to install PRESTO. 


What is presto? 



it is an alternative to windows, it still can surf the web, play your music, and do other things.  but it starts up in only 15 seconds! 

You may have heard of something called “linux” and thought:  sounds geeky! I could never use it! 

well check this out, you download a file, and install like like you would any other program.  once it is installed, restart your computer, and you will see this:



choose “xandros presto” and be AMAZED at how fast your old/slow/virusy computer can run! 

Download presto Here.

here is a little guide of how to download and install presto

Let me know if that helps you at all?


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  1. danu says:
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  2. McCoy says:

    This is probably a lie.