Tonight we created an adventure, where everyone took a turn adding a sentence. Andy and J-izlle started with :

When Bob woke up the next morning, he wasn’t at home.

then you guys took it from there:

When Bob woke up the next morning, he wasn’t at home. He went to a Dallas Mavericks game and had a lot of fun. He went to Cooley’s and had a lemonade Cooley and a homemade ice cream. He met his nemesis, Noodle Man. They are in the midst of a battle and Noodle Man said, “Beware of my powers.”

Bob replied, “Beware of my God, he has greater powers!”

God then strikes down Noodle Man and it ends in flames and a giant fork.

Suddenly, Bob trips and falls of a cliff. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah” Luckily, he landed on a giant marshmallow. On the marshmallow, he heard a scream. It was Ice Cream Girl tied up. So he untied her and she said, “We need to go to Pizza World to get the secret Pepperoni Jewel!” They took off on a flying caterpillar. After about 10 minutes the caterpillar got extremely tired and they all fell down into a pit. Trying to find a way out, they found some flares to signal for help.

Noticing there is no food, Bob has to make a hard decision. He wants to voice his feelings for Ice Cream Girl but the rumble in his stomach is nearly louder than his desire for her. He decides to go for it. He says, “I like you a lot and I know that know is not the greatest time but I was wondering if I could have a bite?” She responds ”No! Get away from me!” as she runs away. Bob runs after her not being able to stand the hunger. As the chase goes on, Ice Cream Girl is stopped in her tracks by “Hair Dryer Man.” Through her terror she is able to derail her path and run further away from them both. Hair Dryer Man suddenly falls back, running out of cord! In his last attempt he yanks the cord unplugged and throws the Dryer at Ice Cream Girl as hard as he can. Looking back to see her progress, Ice Cream girl trips on the sleeping caterpillar.

And here is the wonderful ending that leaves room for a sequel:

To save the day, Freezer Man appears and provides a cool place for Ice Cream Girl and offers Bob a frozen pizza, which Oven Man comes and heats up for him. Mmmm-mmmm, good.

If you have an alternate ending, post it in the comments!