Check out this awesome item that went on sale April 1st:

If you are a star wars fan, then you probably recognize what this is.

If not, then WATCH STAR WARS! OK?!?!? ok..  (PS, it's called a "Tauntaun" and Luke had to cut one open and sleep in it overnight so he wouldn't freeze...  see the irony ?)

well apparently the website that put it up on sale has a history of making fake items to sell on april fools' day... but this one was so popular they are going to see if Lucas will give them the rights to make and sell it!

this kinda gives you an idea of what a Tauntaun is:

Go HERE to see the product page and to be the first to know when it releases!


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  1. UnFrSaKn says:

    I saw this earlier in the week but didn't blog about it. They will get a letter from Mr. Lucas saying he will sue them and their future grandchildren for trying to sell it.