My co-worker, Shaun Michaels, knows all things christian music, including a lesser known punk band, One Bad Pig.  They had a song called “Swine Flew.”  Check out the song:

Now that we’ve had fun with Swine Flu, what can we do to prevent it?  From Fox News:

Centers for Disease Control said Monday that people can best protect themselves against the swine flu threat by taking precautions they were taught as kids, like frequently washing their hands.

Asked what individual steps should be taken, Richard Besser replied: "The things that we learned when we were little, covering a cough ... staying home when you have a fever, frequent hand-washing. If people do these things, it will decrease the spread in our communities."

Here’s some encouragement from the bible: 

Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?  Matthew 6:27


So, don’t worry!  But take action as well! prepare, but know the one that is in true control!