So we had a listener ask about what songs we played last night. J-Izzle wrote it all down and I am amazed at the awesome music you chose!  Check out this sweet combination of music:

Sho Baraka - "Higher Love"poncho
Relient K - "Sadie Hawkins"
Family Force 5 - "Ghost Ride the Whip"
T-Bone - "Gospel Alpha Mega Funky Boogie Disco Music"
Grits (Featuring Pigeon John) - "Beautiful Morning"
Superchic[k] - "Hero"
Toby Mac - "J-Train"
Need to Breathe - "Lay Em Down"
DC Talk - "I wish we'd all been ready"
LeCrae - "Live Free"
KJ-52 - "Five-Tweezy"
Flynn Adam - "Such a Time"
Falling Up - "Good Morning, Planetarium"

So, yeah if you have any doubt about the awesomeness of:

  1. You
  2. The House Party
  3. The ability to choose music
  4. Twinkies and other cream-filled snack items

Now you know!  The house party, 8-9 pm Monday – Thursday at


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  1. J-Izzle says:

    I like how I did the work of writing them down AND typing them, then you used it on your blog...hmmmm.

    I guess it's kinda "our" blog...maybe.