AnchormanPosterSo, we are playing a song by new band, Yellow Cavalier. Some people (including me) think that their song “give it all to you” sounds reminiscent of a boy band.

So I gathered our Investigative team (shown at right), to get to the bottom of this!

They contacted someone close to the group and asked some questions that could help us make our decision:

Q) Does every member sing?

A) yes every member does sing

Q) Do they dance in concert and if so is it choreographed?

A) no dancing!

Q) How much hair product do they use?

A) they use some hair product but nothing compared to Remedy Drive, these guys need a hair product endorsement!

It is that final question that could turn the tables for Yellow Cavalier, and perhaps put Remedy Drive closer to being a “boy band” ! Examine the pictures below and decide for yourself:

Remedy Drive


2 Responses so far.

  1. Bryan says:

    Since Yellow Cavalier has a girl in the band, can they, by definition, be a "boy band"? And I don't know about calling Remedy Drive a boy band, but rather a punk band. However, after seeing the picture of Remedy Drive, I thought how eerily similar a conglomeration of their faces and hair would look similar to the following:

  2. By looks... Remedy Drive wins, hands down. By sound... Yellow Cavalier wins, hands down. Also YC has a Ryan Seacrest double. So that swings the vote in their favor. Yellow Cavalier wins my vote!!!