I own a blackberry storm, and I love it! The sad thing is there seems to be less apps for blackberry, and it is harder to tune in The House FM. The iPhone and iTouch have their own House FM app, and now, I can proudly say that there is an app that can play The House FM and Praise 88.7 on blackberries! (OS 4.3 or higher)

Here are the instructions:

1) From the browser on your BlackBerry, go to: http://www.nobexrc.com/download/
2) Open the "Radio Companion" program, click next, put in email address, click finish, then OK, and push the blackberry button - select "add station"
3) Push blackberry button - select "view by Genres"
4) Select "Christian" then enter
5) Select "88.7 KLVV, Wichita" for Praise 88.7 or "89.7 KJTH, Wichita" for The House FM
6) Click enter

Then it should be in your favorites every time you start the program! We have heard your cries, Blackberry users! Let us unite in the love of God and great music wherever we want it!