(This is part 5 in a 11 part series of things that Andy learned in college - sometimes the hard way - so hopefully you don't have to)

Before I share the story that happened to me that inspired this post, please remember I was a 1) Freshman and 2) I am a guy.  Really, most idiotic things can be explained with those two qualifiers.

One of the things I loved about college right away is having 3 great meals a day.   I never had to cook!  And that was a good thing, because at that point I really didn't know how to do much.  But if you are like me and have a full meal plan to the Cafeteria, please remember this important thing:

There will be at least one point where you are very hungry, and the cafeteria won't be open, and you will have no choice but to raid your emergency supplies.

For me, it was at 3 AM.  I woke up in a sweat and it felt like my stomach was attacking me.  I stumbled into our mini-kitchen and opened up my section of the pantry.  Here's what I found:

*Picture not to scale
That was it.  So, like a bear putting its paw into a bees nest to eat the sweet nectar of their hard work, I jammed my hand into the peanut butter jar, then into the box of rice krispies.  I proceeded to eat the cereal/peanut butter concoction off of my hand.  Now, thankfully it was at 3 AM, so my roommates were all asleep.  I'm pretty sure it looked like this:

Hobo Bear
I can't imagine what I would have had to resort to if I didn't have those two random items in my dorm.  I may have resorted to eating couch cushions, like this woman:

She didn't have a meal plan
The important moral of this story?  EVEN if you have a full "meal plan" in college, make sure to have a meal plan WHEN (you know it will happen) you are hungry and can't go to the cafeteria!