It is time for another entry in this series as I found myself going down a trail of odd websites... let's figure out how I started looking for the film style of "independence day", to this:


I was searching for the film style of independence day, after talking to my wife wanting to do a photo series of a post-apocalyptic Ponca City. I got this inspiration after riding my bike yesterday past the old flour mill and thinking "this is what the post-apocalyptic scenes would look like"

So I talked to my wife and she said that the film style like "I am Legend" and "independence day" which brought me to google.


I googled "post apocalyptic filter"

that brought me to this website, about how to make your videos look more like film:

Shoot Video to Look Like Film

good thing to keep in mind for my project, but I had to go a little farther down the google hole to find this:

Post-apocalyptic playground

The comment on that picture led me to google for "infrared filter" which brought me to :

How to shoot IR

where I found out that some cameras can see IR transmissions, like this example:

That helped, but the pictures there still didn't look post-apocalyptic. They looked more like black and white.

Then I found this site which talks about false-color infrared:

False Color Infrared Photography

Step 3:

By this point I just gave up and went to this blog search of "post apocalypse"

and found that picture above, along with some tips on how to survive post apocalypse, including:
  1. Get a Dog
  2. Stay Solo (not sure if I agree with this one)
  3. Learn to make a fire
  4. Stay away from dating websites like "zombie harmony"
  5. Get a Gun
  6. Learn to make biodiesel
Wow, what a waste of time, right? unless.... I need to know what to have in a post-apocalyptic emergency! Then I'll be the envy of all my... wait I won't have friends, I will the the only person alive. Other than my dog and my gun of course


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  1. McCoy says:

    These are all great pieces of advice. Thank you, thank you so much...