If you have a few minutes, I have three videos for you to watch and a thought that ties them all together about my relationship with Jesus Christ. 

First, watch this video about a High School Football game where the last play of the game went horribly wrong. (start at 1:30 to see one of the craziest plays I have ever seen in football.)

Now, watch this classic commercial:

These got me thinking about a song we are playing on The House- Barlowgirl “Beautiful Ending”

Barlowgirl explains the meaning of the song:

You see great people in history that have followed God passionately and have dedicated their entire life to Him. When you get to the end of their lives and you see the end of their story and somehow it’s like they lost their first love,” says Lauren. “They lost the passion with God and it was so sad to see that they just fall away from loving Him. We said ‘God, we never want to lose you. We never want to lose our first love. We would rather not have this ministry. Could we lose seeing you in the midst of serving you all the time?’ We never want that to happen. That’s what that song came out of.

I hope this encourages and challenges you wherever you are in your walk with Christ.  Don’t get to the last play of the football game and throw the ball down when the game is not over yet, don’t bonk at the finish line, don’t lose your first love!

May we all have a beautiful beginning, middle, and ending!