I almost feel like I was on an awesome field trip and need to do a report about what happened. So, here goes:

We got up early on saturday, and hopped on an extremely small plane.

Got into Minnesota and went to one of the most famous landmarks, The Mall of America:

There we played a game of "find the human"

And took a ride on a rollercoaster:

We hung out with friends and family... Then on Monday we went to the Vikings game!

Once we got inside, we had to sit down and take a breather, we were almost to the top of the stadium. Check out our view:

I put my camera up to the binoculars to get a shot of Brett Favre warming up:

Scott Stapp of Creed sang the national anthem:

And I don't really have any pictures of the game because I was too busy screaming my lungs out as the Vikings marched to victory! I do want to emphasize how high up we are, check out these two pictures:

You can see that our row ends at the scoreboard. See this shot of Brett Favre being interviewed after the game and you can see where we were sitting:

But it was well worth it, as you can see by how happy we are here:

And here are the highlights from the game:

It was a once in a lifetime experience, and my ears are still ringing from how loud the game was! Go Vikings!