Here is an e-mail we received a few days ago about someone finding our station and God using that to change the life of her entire family:

I am an unmarried mother of four wonderful boys...I have been with their father for 11 years, but we never tied the knot. Two months ago we separated. I had prayed for years for God to guide me as to what to do with our relationship, leaving seemed to be the answer. While channel surfing one day, I heard Beckah Shae's song Life...I really liked it. Several days later channel surfing again, I heard it once more. This time I was singing the lyrics. It wasn't until the song was over that I realized it was a Christian song...I had NEVER listened to Christian music before that day. From that point on everytime I got in my car, I would check 89.7 to hear "my Song", and in doing so I learned to love a ton more songs. To make a long story short, I listen to nothing else, and because of that, my ex, and father of my children, began to listen as well. Then we began to pray together, then the whole family began to pray together, then we reconciled, with the help of God, and plan to get married because we want to now live our lives the way God wants us to. SOOOO, I want to say thank you for playing the truth. Thank you for being God's vessel or tool. A tool that helped fix a problem, helped fix a family of six, and reunite them with God...I wanna cry now because I am filled with such joy and I am so thankful for the love of Jesus...God Bless You all...
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