Andy is moving and he's been so busy that ... he BOUGHT BOXES! I know! (Growing up, I literally jumped in dumpsters, with my Mom's prompting, to get boxes in the back of Hobby Lobby.) So, we got some suggestions on the House Party Monday of where you can get boxes for FREE:
  • McDonald's French Fry Boxes, just go up the the register & ask them!
  • Department stores
  • Aldi has awesome meat boxes, ask them the day before and they will have some the next morning.
Do you know of any places that you can get free boxes?

I'm guessing this is what Andy's house looks like right now :)


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  1. Michael says:

    We just moved recently and we got a lot from Crest (grocery store) at 10-11pm when they are restocking. Produce boxes are best since they are study & right size for most things. We also got some boxes from liquor stores for glasses.