This Christmas season, we want to do what we've always talked about. The thing that's always in the back of our minds when we fight through the crowd for the last gadget or gizmo for ourselves, or when we walk by that kettle ringer, knowing we could spare some change but we don't. Or when we see that person on the street that looks like they could use some hope and we drive by and look the other way. This Christmas will be different. Because this Christmas, instead of taking as much as we can, we are going to Give this Christmas Away.

DAY 5 - Give a Meal!

We're all busy, I'll be the first to admit that. Oh, and did you notice it's Christmas time? Yeah...that brings even more chaos. Even through our crazy schedules though, we still find time to do the things we really want to (watch our fav shows, make a starbucks run, etc). If you really want to give this Christmas away, consider making time in your schedule to make a family a meal. I think buying it pre-made counts too :) It could be just as easy to set aside some food from a meal you make for your own family though. Think about someone who would really be blessed by not having to worry about making a meal or worrying about how to pay for it. Put on your awesome apron and give this Christmas away.