I got to see the David Crowder Band last night in Wichita, and to the surprise of Jenn and Janelle who went with me, I have never seen them live before.  So it was exciting to finally sing along with their songs live, and to be part of the historic end of one of the greatest Christian Bands of all time!

In order to document the show for future generations, I brought my most high tech camera with SuperPixel(TM) technology.  I believe you will agree that when you see these pictures, you will not only feel as if you were at the show with me, but that you could print them in poster quality and hang on your wall as a reminder for all time.

Notice the incredible detail, not usually visible to the human eye.

In order to give you a contrast of the dimmer, more mellow parts to the concert to the "rowdy" parts, here's one with the lights of the stage on:

You may not be used to this incredible detail of the "retina" camera display

Goodbye, David Crowder Band.  You will be missed.  And I hope we can look back at this blog post and remember the great times.