That's what Chrystal said to me in an email yesterday.  I would be willing to guess that this fear is the #1 reason why people don't take the Surprise Me, God Challenge... so here is my response to her, and maybe to you too if you are going through the same thoughts and struggles:

It is for real Chrystal, you should check out the incredible stories we have heard from people about how God is doing incredible things in their lives!  here's a big list of stories:

Here's one that I thought you might find interesting about how something "bad" happened but God turned it around and made it good:

I prayed the prayer and got a flat yesterday. I took it to Hibdon’s and they said both my back tires could not be fixed and it would be $200 for new tires. I'm not able to afford that so they told me to just pay $15 for the balancing and I could have the tires! God is good!

It all boils down to this, that we have to believe that 1) God has an incredible plan for our lives that is better than *our* plan, and 2) His ways are not our ways, so when we see things not happen the way we want it, there is a good reason.

I hope you take the challenge and let me know how it goes!