Last round of tips from your friends at The House Party - listen up & take notes!

- If you're coming early to wait in line to make sure you get in, buddle up a little. It may feel nice outside for a few minutes, but when you're standing out there for at least an hour and the sun is going'll thank us for reminding you to wear your favorite striped cardigan.

- Embrace and stick with the buddy system. Again, embrace and stick with the buddy system.

- If and when you see any members of a band cover their ears or take cover, follow suit...that one is pretty self-explanatory.

- Bring ear plugs. Well, if you like to be able to hear that is. You make look goofy and get made fun of, but you'll be the one laughing when you get home and you're the only one who can hear for the next 5 days.

- MOST OF ALL - have fun!! How have we gone this long without mentioning that??

Be sure to stop by The House FM booth to say "Ello", get a free picture in our Photo Booth and play in the Angry Birds Tournament, mmkay?

-Andy & Jenn