From your friends at the House Party, here's some valuable information you won't find on the poster or website to help you enjoy your experience at Winter Jam this year:

- Show starts at 7, doors at 6 - BUT they usually open early. Our recommendation is getting there by 4:30 AT THE LATEST! Doors will most likely open at 5:30.

- The Jam Nation Entry is at 4:30. No, we have no idea where the door is...they never tell us :( Wander around the building, ask important-looking people, etc, until you find it!

- The more people in your group, the earlier you need to be there. Not only will that help ensure you get in, but that you get to sit together.

Please, take our experience and share it with the masses.

Be looking for more survival tips this week as we count down to Winter Jam in Wichita on Friday!

-Andy & Jenn