In our effort to ensure you have a crazy awesome time at Winter Jam this year, here's some more tips building on yesterday's post.

- Remember - arrive NO LATER than 4:30. We can't say this enough.

- Bring $10 in CASH to get in...there's no time to mess with checks, credit cards, etc., in that craziness.

- Bring some extra spending money. Being in 1 building for about 7 hours straight, there's a good chance you're going to get hungry, or thirsty, or see someone with Dippin Dots and start drooling (Is it still the ice cream of the future?). On top of that, you're going to find your new fav band/artist that night and want to have ALL of their music...or there will be an awesome V-Neck band shirt that just HAS to be in your wardrobe. Bring extra money. Nuff said?

We hope when you lock these in your memory bank, you are that much closer to having an awesome experience at Winter Jam! Keep checking back for more tips!

We're here to help,

-Andy & Jenn